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Autumn Landscape Watercolor Course




Bianca Rayala

Bianca started out as a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines' number 1 auditing firm. Her career was on an up trend and was auditing both local and international companies but as years went by, she felt that deep sense of unfulfillment in her heart. Until one day, she found the joy in painting with watercolors and at the same time enjoy mentoring the young people in their church youth ministry. Her passion to serve and paint grew deeper which led her to make the bold decision to leave her flourishing corporate job and pursue two things. First, she wanted to serve as a full-time volunteer in her youth ministry where she mentors young people to discover their purpose and second, she wanted to pursue her passion for painting. Over the years, she dedicated herself in improving her gift and hone her skills by putting high premium on constant never ending learning. She attends various watercolor masterclasses by local and international artists, she also holds her own workshops both in person and online, and she also conducts charity workshops as a way of serving others. Her goal is to continually enrich her gift, expand herself and fulfill her ultimate purpose of blessing other people through painting- inspiring them to discover not just their passion but most importantly their purpose that would give them real joy and fulfillment in life.

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Skills you will gain

Students will learn how to paint a beautiful autumn landscape using watercolor. I will be sharing key principles that they can use to paint their own landscape paintings. They will also understand the appropriate timing in applying pigment on wet, semi wet and dry paper; how to create strokes to build bunch of trees and foilage, hard textured brick stone bridge and soft reflection on water. Students will learn how to mix autumn colors using a limited palette and how to create color harmony on a colorful and vibrant painting.

Course description

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking this watercolor adventure with me. Let’s experience the enticing beauty of Autumn in Seoul. Let’s start with a quick pencil sketch, some practice exercises on how to paint trees and foilages, and lastly let’s take a relaxing stroll over this stone bridge surrounded with these vibrant trees through painting. Let's get started!

Course content

Part 1 - Autumn Intro


Part 2 - Understanding the Subject


Painting Subject


Part 3 - Trees and Foilage


Colors Used for the Painting




Part 4 - Pencil Sketch


Pencil Sketch


Part 5 - Painting the background


Part 6 - Painting the trees


Part 7 - Painting the bridge


Part 8 - Painting details on bridge


Part 9 - Painting Reflection


Part 10 - Painting Branches


Part 11 - Closing



Basic watercolor painting materials such as - watercolor paper, watercolor paints, watercolor brushes, water in a cup, tissue, pencil and eraser The specific colors that I used on this painting can be seen on the "Trees and Foilage Exercise" video.
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1h 24m



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