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Developing Your Marketing Value Proposition




David Ho

David helps companies worldwide to adopt & implement digital transformation in human capitalization. He is a specialist in integrated modern marketing & media with over 3 decades. His areas of expertise include omnichannel customer engagement, digitized brand story strategy, social media marketing, digital media, and mobile marketing. He was the APAC Regional Director for Acknowledge Asia/Adparlor and Managing Director for iProspect and Kinetic. He is also a certified trainer for the media industry in South East Asia. Previous management roles were Redberry Media Group Chief Operating Officer, Aegis Media Group Trading Director (Commercial & Strategic Business Development role), Aegis Media Managing Director of Diversified Services (Digital and Insight) and General Manager in MindShare. An Agency Client Leader for Carlsberg, Maxis, and L’Oreal Paris. An industry specialist and subject matter expert in integrated marketing, digital marketing, digital media, content marketing, strategic communication, customer insights, and business data analytics. Possess strong and disciplined management skills such as P&L and cash flow management, corporate strategy development and implementation, company operation, talent management, company culture, and project management skills. Have trained over 3,000+ sales, marketing, advertising and media professionals from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Developed tools and technologies skills like SurveyMonkey for Market Research Study, Final Cut Pro X for Video Production, QR Code for mobile CRM, Google Analytics for Website Analytics and Salesforce for Business Development and Key Account Management. On a personal level, David possesses an excellent interpersonal skill i.e. negotiation, presentation, C-level and BOD communication, training, coaching and mentoring skills.

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Skills you will gain

By the end of this course, you'll have a framework to create your own exceptional value propositions.

Course description

Your value proposition - which clearly defines what makes your offering unique, and motivates prospects to buy and remain loyal - is one of the most crucial components of your marketing. In this course, join David Ho as he walks through how to craft a great value proposition. David first discusses the importance of the value proposition and helps you determine how your prospects perceive the features and benefits of your product or service. He also showcases the components of a great value proposition by defining its tangible features and showing examples of how to use intangible benefit tactics to drive your growth marketing. Plus, he goes into the importance of understanding price, cost, and the power of free.

Course content

Welcome to this course about marketing value proposition development. Learn how to craft a great marketing value proposition and utilize a marketing framework to create your own exceptional value proposition. This is a marketing framework call Customer Funnel.

A Marketing Framework - Customer Funnel

Defining value proposition the most important foundational questions and business needs to answer its what is our value proposition for our customers. Many companies are flying blind without discovering what's truly motivates their prospects to buy from them and remain loyal to them.

Defining value proposition

Marketing value proposition it is important when we need to improve our marketing experience when we need to improve customer experience. Marketing experience relies on a thinking framework called the 'Lift model'. The 'Lift Model' is designed to help the marketers put themselves into the shoes of their customers to understand the customers perspective rather than just thinking from the business' self-interests.

The Importance of Your Value Proposition

The perceptual filters your prospects carry are outside of your control and they're important to understand. By acknowledging that they exist, you can look for insights into how your target audience interprets your messages differently than you do. These filters will determine how your prospects perceive the features and benefits of your product or service. Keep the filters in mind as you evaluate how to communicate your features within your value proposition.

Understanding Your Visitor's Perception Filters

A tangible feature is something that can satisfy a prospect's identified need. Tangible features are the facts that your prospects logically use to justify their emotional decisions.

The Tangible Features

People make a purchase emotionally and defend the purchase rationally. You must create the emotion necessary to close the sale, backed up with the logic of the decision to defend it. It applies to all of your marketing communications as well. You should provide intangible, emotional benefits that convince your prospects to buy and give them tangible, logical features they can use to justify their decision.

The Intangible Benefits

Credibility is an intangible benefit you need to build with your prospects. It's a counterbalance to the trust you're asking them to have in you. The more credibility you build, the more trust they'll be willing to share with you.

7. Intangible Benefit Tactics

Perceived costs are the reasons that prevent your prospects from completing your desired action, whether that's downloading a resource or filling out a lead form or buying a pair of shoes. The perceived cost can be both tangible and intangible.

The Perceived Cost

The direct cost of your product or service is the most straightforward cost for your prospects to identify. You may think buyers should always pick the lower price, but that's not reality. You need to consider how the psychology of price can affect buyer motivation.

9. Price

Shipping costs are a fact when you're an online retailer, and they're a fact for anyone who's shopping online. We all know that shipping costs something. So why do so many websites try to hide their shipping costs?

10. Delivery Cost

The power of free extends beyond just shipping costs and can, in fact, be one of the most powerful words in the marketer's toolbox. In Dan Ariely's book called Predictably Irrational, he shows an experiment that demonstrates our irrational exuberance for free things.

11. The Power Of Free

I'm going to share a case study with you now that demonstrates how an e-commerce retailer was able to reframe one of their value proposition benefits for a significant uplift. Sport Chek is Canada's largest retailer of sporting goods and apparel. Their e-commerce website receives over two and a half million monthly unique visitors.

A Case Study - Sport Chek

If you try to communicate all your features and benefits of your offering all at once, you'll overwhelm your shopper. You need to focus your approach and prioritize your message to tell them what they want to hear. You should talk about the features and benefits that are most important to your customers.

13. The Value Proposition Framework



Fundamental understanding of Brand Positioning and Psychology Marketing
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