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How to remove anything from a photo with Photoshop




Andrea Maccioni

Andrea is an Italian creative director and also a university lecturer specializing in Visual, Multimedia and Interaction Design, he has been teaching in major international fashion and design universities for fourteen years. In 2004 together with his friend and partner Danilo he founded the Comalab advertising agency based in Milan, Italy. The Comalab agency has developed projects for clients such as: Walt Disney, LG Electronics, Sony, MTV, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Dolce & Gabbana, Vodafone, John Lang La Salle and many others. Andrea currently works in Milan, where he finds the creative energy necessary to carry out his projects and lives in Sardinia, to follow his great passion which is surfing. A travel lover, Andrea is always around the world in search of new inspiration for his projects.

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You will learn how to remove anything from a photo with Photoshop. Quick and easy!

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This fantastic course, aims to teach you step by step, How to Remove Anything from a Photo with Adobe Photoshop. During the course I will explain three different professional tools for achieving the goal, these tools are the clone stamp tool, the patch tool and fill with content aware. We will use: The Clone Stamp Tool, when the parts to be covered are rich in details and not uniform, the Feel with Content Aware when the parts to be covered are inserted in a neutral background, and the Patch Tool tool when the parts to be covered are close to areas with a similar surface. At the end of this course you will be able to professionally remove every object from your photos. There will be no more items that compromise your photos. What are you waiting for, let's start !!!

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