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Andrea Maccioni

Andrea is an Italian creative director and also a university lecturer specializing in Visual, Multimedia and Interaction Design, he has been teaching in major international fashion and design universities for fourteen years. In 2004 together with his friend and partner Danilo he founded the Comalab advertising agency based in Milan, Italy. The Comalab agency has developed projects for clients such as: Walt Disney, LG Electronics, Sony, MTV, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Dolce & Gabbana, Vodafone, John Lang La Salle and many others. Andrea currently works in Milan, where he finds the creative energy necessary to carry out his projects and lives in Sardinia, to follow his great passion which is surfing. A travel lover, Andrea is always around the world in search of new inspiration for his projects.

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Skills you will gain

1. You will be able to use different techniques to create glitch effects 2. You will discover some of the secrets will allow you to make outstanding effects 3. You will be able to create a captivating graphic animation for the title of your video 4. You will be able to create for a promo video or to make your project more impactful and dynamic.

Course description

This course aims to teach students the fundamental tools for working professionally on Adobe After Effect and Adobe Photoshop software by creating text animation and an impacting glitch effect. Following this course, with Andrea's help, you will have the incredible opportunity to discover some of the secrets that will allow you to make your editorials perfect. The course consists of video lectures that illustrate different techniques of post-production of the photographic image in Photoshop and After Effect Software. - 3D glitch effect: post-production of the photographic image to realize the famous 3D glitch effect. Use of adjustment layer, hue saturation and blending mode. - Typography glitch effect: postproduction of the photographic image through a typography game that will create a mask for our photographic image, giving it an interesting and innovative look. Use of masks on the layers and use of the horizontal type tool. - Cut glitch effect: Cut of the photographic image, in order to make it more dynamic. Coloring and use of blending mode. - Organization, management and settings of work files - Shape layer animation - Graph Editor - Layer, frame and keyframe transformation properties - Masks and trkMat - Glitch effect via shift channels effect - Writing expressions in the transformation properties - Blending Mode Andrea teaches you how to avoid downloading and using preset effects and taking control of your design by creating post-production effects from scratch. Once you have mastered, you will have a powerful skill in your Photoshop and After Effect design tool kit.

Course content

Course Introduction


Step #1 Title Animation


Step #2 Title over Video-frame


Step #3 Glitch Effect


Introduction Glitch Effect with Adobe Photoshop


3D Glitch Effect with Photoshop


Typogame Glitch


Deconstruction Glitch



Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effect Software
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